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Imeall Special on Seamus Heaney wins IFTA award!

We are delighted to announce that Red Shoe Production’s half hour special on the life of Seamus Heaney has won an IFTA award. This special edition of Imeall, ‘Seamus Heaney – Postscript’, celebrates the man and the poet; the father and the sibling; the friend and the confidant. We would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this programme.

When Seamus Heaney was laid to rest in September of last year tributes flowed in from all around the world. As a poet he connected with millions of people around the world. As a teacher he nurtured thousands of students and budding poets on both sides of the Atlantic. As a friend he enriched the lives of many. And as a family man he balanced his twin roles of poet and bread-winner with ease and ensured the house was filled with warmth, kindness and love.

Seamus Heaney – Postcript was nominated in the factual category and the awards took place on Saturday April 5th.

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