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SKY ARTS, 2021

Imelda May explores the works of some of Ireland’s most famous writers - recreated and reimagined by today’s artists and performers - on a breathtaking tour of the island’s iconic literary landscapes. Voices of Ireland is a two-part music and literary series that explores the works of some of Ireland’s most famous novelists, poets and playwrights.

Paying homage to the literature, scenery and music that has shaped Irish culture, the series takes us on a tour of the island of Ireland, where Imelda is joined by Ireland’s most illustrious, contemporary creatives; singers, musicians, spoken word poets, actors and writers. In their company, the great works of Yeats, Beckett, Wilde, Kavanagh and others are recreated and reimagined for a new audience through a series of intimate and bespoke performances.

As well as revisiting the literary ghosts of our past with recitations from Oscar-nominated actor Stephen Rea, Booker-prize nominated author Colm Toíbín and Emmet Kirwan, Imelda meets fellow musicians, such as Grammy-nominated Moya Brennan, Sharon Shannon, Loah, and Pillow Queens for a series of intimate performances and entertaining musical interludes.


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