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Trish O'Connor

Head of Production

Trish O'Connor

Trish O’Connor is a story gatherer and Limerick lass, now working between Dublin and Dungarvan with Red Shoe Productions. She is an award-winning multi-skilled Producer / Director with experience in every area of production – from research through to final output.

Over the years Trish has worked with Virgin Media, RTÉ, the EBU, and a plethora of Independent Production companies. She has literally worked in every department you could shake a stick at for over twenty years: Factual, Arts, Current Affairs, Children’s TV, Drama and more. 

Awards for her work include a UNICEF children’s documentary award at Germany’s Prix Jeunesse (in association with the EBU), best documentary at the Nenagh Arts Festival, and she was part of the Gogglebox winning team for Kite Entertainment’s 2022 Royal Television Society Award. 

Trish loves to chat, but is a great listener too, and is always seeking out the very best stories that are so often right under our noses. She is also the proud owner of a very down to earth sense of humour but is terrible at actually telling jokes… you have been warned!

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